Rapid Doors

Rapid Doors

Rapid Roll Door

Durable fully engineered rapid roll door, designed for interior ambient, chill and freezer applications

  • Anodised aluminium guides with nylon brush seals and stainless steel components
  • Guides complete with nylon brush seals


  • Auto repairs in case canvas and/or reinforcements come out of the lateral guides

Door leaf

  • Robust construction high resistance polyester door leaf
  • Maximum clear opening height 4.5m and width 4m
  • Electronically controlled movement
  • Triphasic motor with electronic braking system
  • Operation speeds of 1m per second
  • Integrated photo cell
  • Low noise gear assembly
  • Internal and external push button operation
  • M2 non flammable coated on PVC colour Variety of colours available

Additional options available

  • Radar, pull cord, magnetic loop, remote control and safety light

Rapid Fold-up Door

Durable fully engineered rapid fold-up door, designed for areas with large access dimensions


  • Anodised aluminium guides with nylon brush seals and stainless steel components
  • Guide with integrated photoelectric cell

Door leaf

  • High resistance polyester door leaf
  • Wind resistant (class 3 rating) reduces draughts and minimising temperature loss
  • M2 non-flammable coated on PVC colour
  • variety of colours available
  • Safety edge
  • Maximum clear opening height 6.5m and width 6m


  • Digital door position control
  • Motorised rapid fold-up door approx. 0.6m/s
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior
  • Low noise gear assembly
  • Facilitates traffic flow
  • Electronic end-of-travel sensors
  • Safety breaking mechanism
  • Exterior and interior emergency stop buttons

Some of our Rapid Doors:

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