3580 Automatic Door Safety Edge

The electronic system controls:
– the correct torque required for both opening and closing of the door,
– the travel of the door including the reduction in speed at the end of each operation,
– manual or timer mode,
– the safety functions.

The motorization is done by a motoreducer with an adjustable clutch.
This clutch makes it possible to have the maximum power available when the door starts and decrease the power in order to have the minimum couple after 200mm, once the door go out of the ramps.
All the above ensures smoothness during operation and safety because they allow to stop the door in the two directions with an effort from 2 to 20 kg according to its weight.
The PVC cover made of one or two parts, depending on the door width, reinforce the hygiene of the door while allowing an easy acces for maintenance.
All our Automatic Kits equiped with their safety device can comply to the European Directives and Standards according to their destination.

Features and advantages:
– Reduced installation time
– Adjustable clutch
– Easy operation
– Command box IP 56

– Timer
– Single or double horizontal safety photocells
– Edgemount security (pneumatic or contact)
– Locks
58 – 58HP with internal unlocking
38 with internal unlocking
– Radar
– Remote control
– Induction loop
– Cellular anti-static PVC cover
– Motor/90°
– Closing side motor
– Cable retainer option

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