Image of 620 Handle (non-locking)

620 Handle (locking)

For hinged-doors:
– rebated doors: from 27 to 42 mm (incl. gasket)
– semi-overlapping doors: offset 42 mm maxi
– overlapping doors

620: standard version
621: locking version

Adjustable strike for 3 dimensions
Invisible and tamperproof screws, when door closed
Interchangeable for left or right hand doors

– enamelled for housing and strike
– grey hammered finish for handle

– internal antipanic release
– 3 strikes shims anodized:
Height (Z)
15 mm: for 42 to 57 mm offset (D)
30 mm: for 57 to 72 mm offset (D)
40 mm: for 67 to 82 mm offset (D)
5 special shims for strike: for 77 to 152 mm offset (D).

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