Maintenance & Repair Service

Eurocold now offers a fully integrated modification, maintenance and repair service on all existing coldrooms, including any associated doors. Our highly experienced staff service all types of door, carrying a full range of popular Fermod spares on our dedicated vehicles.

Most popular maintenance work includes the repair and/or replacement of:

  • Insulated wall and ceiling panels
  • Flashing trims
  • Door reveals
  • Sliding door tracks, blades and furniture
  • Hinged doors, frames and furniture
  • Strip curtains
  • Kick plates

Our maintenance and repair work is offered on both a single term, and contractual basis upon request.

Many coldroom applications are not sufficiently maintained after installation; therefore we offer contractual servicing, whereby an initial survey enables us to identify the door(s) on site. Each door is attributed a serial number and digital photo, so any further spares required can be correctly ordered without necessitating another visit to site.

We also offer a more extensive service, tailored specifically to each client’s needs, whereby regular visits to maintain and repair any doors ensures an increased life expectancy and continued safe operation.

maint-image-1 maint-image-2

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